Corporate Air Travel

At INT Terminal we value our relationship with our corporate clients. Your corporate partnership is vital to our endearing efforts to best service your business-related travels. INTT understands that time is money, so we work round the clock with our closest airline partners, to ensure your travel plans are accommodated. INTT tracks your flight schedule daily to ensure flight plans are secured as you originally intended. If any unavoidable delays or cancellations occur, we make expeditious arrangements to reschedule at your earliest convenience.

“Your corporate success is INTT’s business”

By creating a corporate account with INTT, your business can enjoy significant cost savings as our team members seek only the fairest and competitive first class, business class, and premier coach class air-fares. Corporate members will have access to real-time reports relating to monthly travel analysis, Airfare values, Depart/Arrive manifests, Flown Sectors and City Pairs; On-site tutorials educating travelers on cost serving mechanisms; portfolio options to maintain, manage, and even upgrade your mileage account status.
Your corporate success is INTT’s business.

Personal Air Travel

To deserve your loyalty and money, INTT provides a service that is better, faster and more affordable than you can do yourself. People are not always aware of all the air options, and end up spending wasted hours researching something they are not sure of. INTT knows you destinations and wants to help you achieve your dream airfare without the stress. We research every product prior to booking and offer you the best options for your selection.

 Airfare Discounts

INTT is able to offer discounts on domestic and international itineraries through partner airlines
Start Airlines, One World Sky Team and Alien carries

Group Air Travel

When it comes to spontaneous travel, there isn’t anything truer than “the more the merrier.” INT Terminal now rewards camaraderie through generously discounted air-fares for groups of 10 or more. Our Group Air Travel program accommodates all types of holiday travel whether it be a student field trip, pious outreach spiritual missions, or even simply the annual traditional family summer holiday, INTT will gladly assume full responsibility in creating a fully comprehensive itinerary from inception to conclusion


passengers-group-wQualifying groups must consist of at least 10 passengers. All passengers of the group must have at least one common flight segment. discounts-wQualifying groups will enjoy specially discounted fares. person-wCapacity restrictions will apply as stipulated with individual airlines. bookings-wAny alterations to bookings are permitted with applicable fare differences or penalties.

INTT is also a proud partner with Educational Travel Community (ETC) which serves to promote lifelong learning opportunities between faculty and students through global travel. Let us discover the world…together.

Reward Travel

A new way to travel with your frequent flyer and credit card points. Enjoy the privilege of frequent flight upgrades, and gain extra bonuses by combining credit card points and fly for free (Tax fees not included) along with earning valid airline mileage points through INT Terminal’s Mileage Air Savings (MAS) program.

INTT’s MAS incentive offers the world’s most frequent and avid travelers a uniquely unprecedented rewards redemption program. Regardless of which airline program you may currently be enlisted with, INTT MAS will honor all non- INTT air miles that you have already earned whilst enable you to earn and redeem additional miles, hotel, and credit card points. Register with INTT MAS and enjoy the wealth of benefits on offer:

60,000 Points

Economy Class round trip between
US and Europe

75,000 Points

Business Class roundtrip between
US and Europe

150,000 Points

Complimentary First Class ticket
for any International travel

Mileage Air Savings  (MAS)

Earning air mile rewards is now a luxury that INT Terminal services by not only allowing you to earn through our bookings, but also honoring other air-mile rewards points. INTT also extensively researches competitively airfare options against current industry air fees while offering several air miles redemption rewards to complete your hassle-free air booking experience.


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