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December 9, 2023

Navigate Winter Holiday Flight Disruptions with INTT ADVISOR: Support for Independent Travel Agents and Advisors This Holiday Season


As the holiday season approaches, we recognize the potential impact of unpredictable weather on your clients’ travel plans, making strategic planning crucial to mitigate the effects of weather-induced delays.


In the domain of air travel, weather emerges as a significant contributor to flight delays, as confirmed by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.In 2020, approximately 38% of all U.S. flight delays were attributed to weather-related factors, emphasizing the necessity of proactive measures to address nationwide disruptions. Our blog sheds light on how INTT ADVISOR can be your essential tool for effectively managing disruptions caused by weather. Explore the advanced features that position INTT ADVISOR as your indispensable ally in ensuring a seamless and professional travel experience for your clients. Weather delays during the holiday season can be a significant issue for travelers due to several reasons:


  • Limited Availability of Alternate Flights

During peak holiday times, flights are often fully booked. If a flight is delayed or canceled due to weather, finding available seats on alternate flights becomes challenging. This can result in longer wait times or difficulties securing new arrangements.


  • Tight Schedules and Commitments

Many travelers during the holiday season have tight schedules, including family gatherings, events, or specific plans. Weather delays can interfere with these commitments, causing inconvenience and stress for travelers who may have limited flexibility in their plans.


  • Impact on Special Occasions

The holiday season is a time for celebrations and special occasions. Weather-related disruptions can jeopardize travel plans for events like family reunions, weddings, or holiday parties, causing disappointment for both travelers and those expecting their arrival.



INTT ADVISOR: Your Unwavering Support Every Step of the Way

While the traveler may have never had to deal with a weather delay, we have. We know the details and the best way to handle the situation. We can talk to the airlines, hotels, etc., to make sure your client is fully taken care of in the best way possible. We will find the best possible solution for the given situation whether it means changing dates of the trip completely or just rebooking them on the next available flight.


Introducing the Global Airfare Control Center (GACC) by INTT ADVISOR

For a comprehensive solution to managing flight disruptions due to adverse weather, INTT Advisor introduces the Global Airfare Control Center (GACC). Functioning as a dedicated round-the-clock support system, GACC provides active assistance to travel agents and clients in airfare management. This includes real-time support with booking, adjustments, and troubleshooting air travel issues. One of the significant advantages of GACC is its continuous availability, ensuring that help is just a phone call or message away, regardless of the user’s time zone.


GACC goes beyond mere reactionary support; it proactively monitors weather conditions days before a scheduled flight, offering up-to-date forecasts that could impact travel plans. To stay ahead of potential disruptions, users can opt for real-time flight status updates. If adverse weather conditions are anticipated later in the day, GACC can assist in securing an earlier flight or even arranging travel the night before to provide a seamless and stress-free travel experience.


Dr. Gamini Hewawasam PhD, MBA, CTIE is an expert in the airline industry with over 20 years of experience and he has demonstrated his global leadership capabilities by simultaneously leading multiple companies located in opposite parts of the world. GB possesses extensive knowledge of air tariffs, flight operations, and customer care, and he is experienced in working with Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld. He has utilized his experience and expertise to develop the unparalleled services of INT Terminal Travel Group and serve various airlines as an advisor. His innovative approaches have enabled INT Terminal Travel Group to ensure customer satisfaction and successfully navigate through the challenging times of the airline industry.

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